2019 is a new era of lending and borrowers with poor credit have more options than ever

Being rejected for a loan is stressful and leaves you both humiliated and wondering what to do next. But, you have more options than you may realize.

Lenders once held the power, so they could be as selective as they wanted. However, things have changed.

2019 is a new era of lending, and the temperature is a lot warmer to borrowers, particularly those with poor credit.

That's not to say you'll get accepted for a loan no matter what your credit history looks like. It just means you have options.

Here are 3 lenders that offer the best loans for poor credit.

1. Lending Point

Best for: Fast funding

  • Minimum Credit Score: 60
  • Loan Amount: $5,000 to $50,000
  • APR range: 3.99% - 35.99%

Why go with LendingPoint?

Lending Point is a direct lender that works with borrowers who have average to bad credit. Unlike other direct lenders, LendingPoint takes a holistic view of your entire financial situation, which enables them to offer lower APRs than other lenders.

Funding with LendingPoint is fast and if approved you can receive the money in your account by the next business day.

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2. 5KFunds

Best for: Simple application

  • Minimum Credit Score: All Credit Scores
  • Loan Amount: Up to $500 to $35,000
  • APR range: 5.99% - 35.99%

Why go with 5K Funds?

5KFunds is another loan marketplace for borrowers with bad credit. With a simple online form that will prequalify you, 5KFunds gives the leverage back to consumers as lenders compete for their business.

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3. LoansUnder36

Best for: Comparing rates

  • Minimum Credit Score: All Credit Scores
  • Loan Amount: Up to $1,000 to $35,000
  • APR range: 5.99% - 35.99%

Why go with LoansUnder36?

LoansUnder36 uses its extensive network of over 100 lenders to help customers with all types of credit histories find financing solutions that are right for them. With a quick and simple application process, borrowers can find a match in seconds with attractive terms and rates.

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Not applying for a loan because you’re afraid of rejection? Compare the right lenders that work with bad credit and applicants like you, and stop living in fear at last.