The best rates and fast online approval, no matter your score.

Millions of Americans are using personal loans to get fast funds at competitive rates for large or unexpected purchases, debt consolidation, home improvements and medical expenses.

To keep up with the demand, online lenders have grown exponentially, offering a more competitive and transparent process.

Here are 3 loan online lending marketplaces with the best rates for every kind of credit history.

(Note: Applying for a loan with any of the below companies will not affect your credit score).

1. Best Rates For Good Credit:


Do I qualify?

  • Credit score: All credit scores
  • Steady source of income
  • Paystubs
  • Proof of residence

What to expect?

You’ll fill out a single online application that pre-qualifies you for a range of different loans. This form does not ask for any sensitive personal details and does not include a hard credit pull. Once you’ve been approved in minutes, you’ll be shown at least 5 competitive loan options that match your credit score. After choosing the best option, you’ll finish applying directly with your selected lender.


2. Best Rates For Every Credit Score:

Lending Point

Do I qualify?

  • Minimum credit score: All credit scores
  • Minimum income of $25,000
  • 1 year of consistent employment

What to expect?

LendingPoint will ask for your information and may do a soft pull of your credit, that will not affect your credit score. You will then be sent multiple offers within few minutes. Once you choose your lender, LendingPoint will ask for some more documentation and do a hard credit inquiry. You will then receive the final underwriting review and loan approval.


3. Best Rates For Poor Credit:


Do I qualify?

  • All credit scores
  • No minimum income
  • Proof of employment

What to expect?

Applying for a loan with AmOne is also a streamlined process: you’ll fill out a single form to receive pre-approval. Once matched with several potential lenders, you compare your options side-by-side. After you choose your lender, you’ll complete the application process directly with them.


If you want more information or need help finding the personal loan that will fit your needs, check out our reviews of the best personal loan companies with the most competitive rates.