The vast majority of Americans are going into 2019 with debt. The key to getting out of debt is coming up with and sticking to a solid plan. 

These services can successfully renegotiate, settle, and change the terms of your debts, preventing you from filing bankruptcy. Instead of repaying your various creditors, you pay the debt relief company directly, who negotiates with creditors on your behalf. 

If you're ready to get your debt under control in 2019, it's worth getting a free debt consultation from one of these leading debt relief services in the industry:

1. LendingTree

LendingTree is a loan marketplace, matching consumers with the most relevant debt relief programs within their network

By far, the biggest advantage with LendingTree is that you can submit one application and receive multiple offers - allowing anyone to easily shop around without having to wade through dozens of forms.

This consumer-focused model means providers are competing for your business, which in most cases leads to more favorable loan terms. Once you do find the right program, the application continues with a debt consultant who ensures you’re fully informed of every step in the process.

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2. Fast Track

While not our top choice, Fast Track offers straightforward consultation services to customers to help them understand exactly how to begin tackling their debts. They offer many of the same debt consolidation and settlement services as competitors. One plus is that they’ll work with a lower minimum debt threshold than other companies. You only need to owe $10,000 to multiple creditors for Fast Track to take on your case.

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Financial hardship doesn’t need to overwhelm you this year. The New Year is an opportunity for you to take control and make the right steps to get your debts under control. Debt relief services may be what you need to make sure that 2019 is a real turning point for you and your family.

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