The vast majority of Americans are going into 2019 with debt. Debt relief services can successfully renegotiate, settle, and change the terms of your debts, providing a manageable plan for getting out of debt.

Compare the top debt relief services in the industry to find the one that fits your needs (all services offer free consultations).

1. LendingTree Debt Relief 

  • Largest marketplace: Get matched with the right program
  • One application - multiple offers
  • Minimum debt: $7,500

Why go with LendingTree? LendingTree operates as a loan marketplace - matching consumers struggling with debt with the programs that best fit their needs. 

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2. Fast Track Debt Relief

  • Variety of debt relief options
  • Minimum debt: $10,000

Why go with Fast Track? Fast Track offers debt relief for unsecured debt such as credit card debt, personal loans and medical debt. Dedicated professionals will work with you to negotiate your debt and create a long term plan to pay it off.

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Financial hardship doesn’t need to overwhelm you this year. The New Year is an opportunity for you to take control and make the right steps to get your debts under control. Debt relief services may be what you need to make sure that 2019 is a real turning point for you and your family.

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