The smartest way to borrow under $5K fast

At some point, most people find themselves in situations where they need a small loan to cover an immediate expense that they don’t have the cash for.

And just as many make the mistake of turning to their credit cards as a knee-jerk response to a tight financial situation.

What the credit card companies don’t want you to know is that personal loans are a cheaper and smarter way to borrow under $5K.

Most banks, however, usually aren’t interested in processing amounts this small. That’s where online lending companies come in.

Here are 3 reasons why taking out small personal loans online makes sense.

1. You only borrow what you need

It goes without saying that loans aren’t free. You should never borrow more than you can afford to pay back.

Unfortunately, many borrowers get in over their head by borrowing too much, which causes their debts to spiral out of control.

This is why a small loan is ideal. You’re only borrowing exactly what you need in the short-run, without setting you up for problems in the long-run.

LendingTree is the leading online marketplace for personal loans, with over 1,500 lenders in their network. For the most options and the easiest comparison between them, LendingTree is your smartest choice.

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2. Fair and Poor Credit have more options

Banks want to lend to someone with good credit and a high level of disposable income.

Not everyone fits that profile. In fact, tens of millions of Americans don’t.

Online lenders and companies specialize in this area, offering different kinds of personal loans to borrowers with poor credit that they never find at their local bank.

GuidetoLenders is a highly trusted marketplace that offers an excellent variety of loan options for fair and poor credit through its network of lenders.

LoansUnder36 is where you need to be. Their network of lenders offers loans as little as $1K with a guaranteed APR of less than 36%.

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If you’re dealing with an expected cost or need cash fast, be smart and compare your loan options online.